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Why You Should Skip Black Friday this Year

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Yes, I said it. It’s a good idea to sleep in the day after Thanksgiving and skip the most popular sales event of the year. The term ‘Black Friday’ was derived in the mid 1900s by the Philadelphia Police Department to describe their dislike for the day after Thanksgiving which involved tons of crowds, traffic jams and holiday shopping.

Today, Black Friday is still a notable shopping event which millions of consumers participate. Some families make Black Friday shopping a tradition and set out each and every year to find the best deals.

While it’s obvious why someone would want to take part in Black Friday, I don’t think everyone should. Here are a few reasons why you might want to skip it.

Your Budget is Tight

If you have a tight budget or are struggling with debt or any other financial issue, it may not be the best idea to spend more money shopping. While almost everything in stores will be on sale during the Black Friday weekend, it won’t be beneficial to put yourself in a situation where you can overspend and fail to prioritize other important expenses.

If you are on a strict budget, the best way to prepare for the holidays is not to rack up on unbudgeted items during Black Friday, but to save up for holiday expenses several weeks or months beforehand. I started saving up for the holiday season during July of this year and I’d encourage others to do the same.

You Don’t Really NEED Anything

Everyone loves a good deal and let’s be honest, an amazing sale can get almost anyone excited. However, just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you have to purchase it. Promoting big sales and discounts is actually a marketing tactic retailers use to persuade you to spend more and get you wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you have to purchase it.
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Ask yourself if you really need anything new. Most people shop on Black Friday for their wants instead of needs anyway. So it’s important to look past the sale and decide if you really want a particular item or what value it would provide for you after the adrenaline rush and proud feeling of scoring a deal wears off.

Do you really want to deal with extra clutter in your house after the holidays? Is your television really that old? How long do you think your kids are going to play with their new toys before they lose interest or break them?

You Don’t Want to Deal with the Crowds

If you don’t like dealing with crowds of people and waiting in long lines, you should avoid Black Friday. In the past, shoppers have been trampled, stabbed, and even killed as a result of so many people being crammed into tight spaces.

Luckily, the violence associated with the holiday has toned down and most stores try to control how many people enter the facility at one time. Nevertheless it’s still crowded and people can get pretty rude. It’s not the best environment for anyone who’s elderly, pregnant or just can’t stand the crowds of people.

You Can Take Advantage of Sales on the Other Days

Contrary to popular belief, Black Friday is not the biggest, best or only retail sales event for a wide variety of items. It basically kicks off the holiday shopping season, but there are plenty of sales offered that are just as good on the day after Christmas, and around Labor Day and Memorial Day.

If you miss Black Friday, you actually won’t be missing much. Retailers do a good job of creating urgency to get people through the door. But there will always be other sales and there’s always new products getting released each year.

You Want to Spend More Time with your Family

Quality family time during the holidays became an even more crucial goal for Americans when retailers started opening their doors on Thanksgiving evening instead of early Friday morning. This cuts into family time.

If you will be hosting and/or having family come into town for Thanksgiving, you may not want to part in much of Black Friday. Instead, you might opt to spend an extended time talking, laughing and catching up with loved ones, playing board games, watching a movie or just lingering over breakfast.

Just enjoying the time off work with loved ones sounds way better than standing around in lines all day with strangers.

Still convinced that you want to shop? Check out these Black Friday deals.

What do you think about Black Friday shopping beginning on Thanksgiving? Will you be participating in Black Friday this year? Let us know in the comments!

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