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How to Make $22,000 per Month with Pinterest

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So it's possible to make money being on Pinterest? This is mind blowing! #extraincome #blogging #blogger #pinteresting #marketingI started my blog two years ago. For the longest, I hovered around 800 unique monthly pageviews. (That’s so sad, I know!) I made a few dollars (like $2) in Google Adsense but overall was pretty content with my pageviews. Then, I connected with someone who challenged me to aggressively increase my pageviews, Rosemarie Groner, of the Busy Budgeter. We were in a mastermind group together and she actually made me hip to the Pinterest game. (Check out the interview I did with her here.)

Here are some of the results she’s gotten from Pinterest in 19 months so far:

  • Monthly income rose from $18- $22,000
  • Monthly Unique Visitors………………………………….. 416,000+
  •  Monthly Pageviews………………………………….. 619,000+
  •  Email Subscribers………………………………….. 21,500+
  •  Pinterest Followers…………………………………..34,500+

While I haven’t reached the level of insane money faucet quite yet, I have seen an uptick in pageviews (and income) since I started implementing some of her strategies. When I started with Pinterest in April of 2015, I was around 8K in pageviews. Now, I am averaging almost 40K page views per month this year. My blog monthly income hangs around the $300-$500 mark but I am seeing even more potential as my measly 200 person mailing list is now to almost 900 people!

If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website (traffic = income), think seriously about investing in a Pinterest Strategy. Pinterest drives a ton of traffic to my website and has caused my page views and income to grow substantially. Here are a few pointers to help your Pinterest marketing results.

Have a “The Best of Board”

You need to have a board that displays your content exclusively. Pinterest is full of pins circulating from every which way, but you want to be clear about what you’ve created. Having a prominent “The Best of [Insert Your Website Name]” will help people find your content quickly and easily.

Create Multiple Boards

I’ve noticed a pattern among Pinners with high followings- they all have lots of boards. I’ve seen engaging profiles with anywhere from 75 to 200+ boards. I think that 100 is a good number to shoot for. Ideally, your boards will correspond to topics you cover on your blog, podcast, YouTube, etc. (Use your blog categories as a guide for setting up boards.) It’s a good idea to keep the board names simple for SEO purposes. Pinterest is really well-indexed on Google and ranks very high for many terms, so it’s definielty worth the effort.

Make Your Profile Pop

Your profile description is limited to 160 characters, but make sure you use the space well. Tell people who you are and what you like to do as pertains to your blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc. Here’s an example of what you could say, “My name is Mara and I help people train their pets for TV and film stunts.” You could even add a link in your profile to get people on your mailing list. Here’s mine:

I help you ROCK your finances by getting out of debt, increasing your income and building wealth. Free gift to get you started:

Automate Your Pinning

BoardBooster is a game changer. It allows you to set up scheduling so that you can pin to group boards for more exposure. Once you get more followers, you can also use it to “loop” your pins on your own boards. That’s an advanced strategy, but doing the basics is a good start. Without BoardBooster, I’d be trying to sit at the computer for hours pinning 50-70 pins per day. It was becoming a full-time job for me! However,  you can outsource this to BoardBooster starting at $5/month. Tip: make sure you use BoardBooster to pin your most popular pins to group boards.

Get a Pinterest Coach

If these tips seem difficult to implement or understand, I suggest getting a Pinterest coach.  I was fortunate enough to receive coaching from Rosemarie Groner personally, but she has phased that part of her business out. However, for $34 (a fraction of her hourly rate) you can get her Pinterest Strategy Cheat Sheet. Click here to purchase it and start driving traffic to your site and collecting income! Click below to get instant access:

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