Published On: Sat, Jan 28th, 2017

How To Save Big Money By Cutting Cable

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Well guys, we finally did it! We cut the cable cord. It’s been so beneficial for us that we wanted to show you how to saving big money by cutting cable.

We’ve been talking about this for a while, going back and forth with the idea, and the time just finally came. We went for it, we cut the cord, and we haven’t looked back since!

Why We Chose to Cut The Cable Cord

One of the first reasons we decided to pull the plug was that we noticed we weren’t watching that much TV anyway.

As everybody knows, most cable companies have some type of feature where you can DVR or record television shows to watch later, and that’s what we did. But before we knew it, we had so many different shows recorded that we didn’t even have an opportunity yet to watch. And that’s when we knew we just weren’t watching as much television as we were paying for.

We also noticed our cable bill beginning to increase, and so naturally we called the cable company to see what we could do to lower our bill. Unfortunately, it seems cable companies aren’t really discounting the bill as much as they did in the past. This is because so many people are cutting their cable and these companies need to make up for that cost, so now it’s as if the cost is being passed on to us.

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The Dilemma 

The cable company offered us a small discount, but it wasn’t enough to make us stay. So we made the final decision to cut the cable.How To Save Big Money By Cutting Cable

We actually found that we were reading more books and spending more quality time with our family anyway; we were doing things that were bringing us more joy as opposed to just watching television, which is a lot of junk nowadays anyway. TV wasn’t adding to our lives, so why pay over 100 bucks each month to keep something like that around?

One of the big things that held us up for so long was Talaat’s love of sports. His concern was that if we got rid of cable, he’d lose his sports. But the good news was there are so many opportunities we found as we began to do our research, and there are still ways that we can watch sports without being handcuffed to the cable company.

The Solution

The first thing we did was buy an antenna that cost us roughly $20. And with that, we’re able to get all of the local channels in our area. All of the local teams important to Talaat can still be shown just using the antenna.

Not only can you get sports, but the local news is shown on these channels as well. It has also provided a channel for our children, with learning and educational shows. There’s also day-time talk shows, court shows, and several other interesting channels to choose from. The picture these antennas provide is crystal clear, the device itself is small and cosmetic. It can be mounted near your TV or even just placed on the side table. We absolutely love it. Best $20 we’ve spent, and only a one-time investment.

Another program that we decided to add in order to be able to watch television was Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is only $99, once a year. At first when we heard that, of course the thought that it was a lot of money crossed our mind. But when you’re not paying 140 dollars every single month for cable, that once-a-year $99 fee is pretty enticing, and breaks down to only $8.25 a month.

And you get so much! Amazon Prime includes television shows, movies, music, over 800,000 e-books, FREE photo storage, you name it. We absolutely love all of the different music channels. We turn on Gospel music in the mornings while our kids are getting ready for school and while we’re preparing breakfast, and it just gets the day started right.

All this and not to mention free 2-day shipping! Everybody loves to do online shopping and with Amazon Prime you get FREE 2-day shipping on almost all of the products they sell. It is incredible. We order something today and in less than two days it is on our doorstep.

After cutting the cable and buying our antenna, we also purchased an Amazon Fire Stick for about $30. We got one for each television, and that’s how we’re able to watch our Amazon Prime movies and enjoy music. You can watch YouTube on it, and our son even plays video games through the Fire Stick! You simply connect it to the television, and whatever you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it, it’s yours. It’s television on command. This was yet another small investment that came with the relief of not having to send a check to the cable company every month, and man does it feel good!

Similar to the Fire Stick, we bought a Chromecast as well. These are also very inexpensive – a one-time investment – and these allow you to project things from your computer onto your television. So guess how Talaat watched the Super bowl this year? So easy! We just logged onto NFL’s web site, hit the Chromecast button, and boom: it was on our TV. Also, a lot of different cable-TV shows these days allow you to watch them right off the channel’s web site. Instead of sitting in front of a computer screen, we simply cast it to our TV and enjoy it that way.

We can also do the same with different educational children’s programs found online. Our kids don’t even want regular TV anymore. When we had cable, they literally had to choose something that was on at the time. Now, whatever they want to watch is at our fingertips using our internet and the Chromecast.

In addition to the devices you can buy, there are apps and web sites specifically created for TV lovers to enjoy without any cable contract, sneaky bills and fees, and just a once monthly small payment. These include Netflix, Hulu, and SlingTV to name a few. SlingTV is great because it offers all types of sports channels including ESPN and ESPN2. Again, everything we’ve learned reiterates that you do not need to have a cable bill to enjoy television and sports!

Internet Strength Is Important

Our final suggestion when cutting the cable cord is to ensure your internet package is fast enough to handle the various streaming devices. Now that we don’t have cable anymore, everything we do is based on the strength of our internet signal. We utilized a promotion for $49 a month for the fastest package, and when that promotion is up, you know we’ll find another one!

As always, the goal is to save money. And now that we’ve cut the cord, we’ve been able to take that savings and – you guessed it – put it towards our mortgage!

We have no regrets since cutting the cord. Our entire family loves it and our pocketbook loves it, too.

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How To Save Big Money By Cutting Cable


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