Published On: Mon, Oct 5th, 2015

Financial Tips to Follow Before You Start a Family

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You may never truly feel ready for a baby. Children need a lot of money. That’s just a fact. If you’re thinking about having kids, you may want to follow a few of these tips to help yourself get at least a little ready for a baby. These tips will help you realize the expense of a kid and what you can do to prepare yourself.

It’s important for you to remember that there are a lot of ways you have to get ready before you should have kids. Financial preparation is not the only thing you need to do, but it is a big deal. When you are thinking about starting your family you should:

Take Stock

You need to take stock of what you have. Is your car right for a family? Will you be able to fit a car seat in the back? Is it safe enough? If you answered no to any of these questions, you may have to get a new car before you have a baby.

Is your home right for a baby? You may have to move before it’s time to start a family. Will you be able to meet the new monthly expenses? If you budget, you should start thinking about what a baby will add to the budget and figure out if you’re ready for that.

Do you have a lot of credit or loan debt? You may want to consider paying these down before the baby. This will give you a little emergency room and it will help with your monthly budget. These big ticket things should be in order before you start your family.


You also need to think about your insurance. Most insurance through work will cover a child, but you need to make sure that the insurance you have will still be what you need. You should review policies and decide if you need to change anything.

You want to think health insurance, life insurance, and even homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Make sure that everything is ready for baby to come out and live life.

Look Ahead

You have to look ahead. Having a kid means you have a kid for life. You need to start saving for college, a bigger house, private school, or any other big ticket costs that may come up due to having a family. You need to think about your legal documents. Update your will and retirement plans. All of your life goals have to be aligned with having a baby.

Family Time

You may be able to prepare a bit. You can read books, save money, buy a new car, and find out what sort of maternity or paternity leave you can get. However, you might not be able to feel completely ready. Parenthood is a big deal. It’s a scary thing to go from being childless to a mother or father. When family time rolls around, you may not be completely ready.

Following these tips can help you get on the road to be ready for family time. You need to think about what you need before the baby comes, what the baby will need once it is here, and what you will need for the baby in the future. Planning for the financial side of a baby will get you one step closer to being ready to start your family.

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Ginger Dean

A licensed psychotherapist, Ginger helps women overcome difficult situations to reclaim their financial lives.

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- A licensed psychotherapist, Ginger helps women overcome difficult situations to reclaim their financial lives.

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