Published On: Mon, May 15th, 2017

Extra Income Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

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The weekend can be your time to rest or your time to grind (or both.) With a little planning and intention, you can use your weekends to level up and move closer to your “more money” goals.

If you are still working on increasing your income, I’m suggesting you take a few hours to start flexing your “hustle muscle”— this very weekend.

You don’t have to start an official business to experience success in making more money. When you flex your hustle muscle, you are testing the waters to see if you can earn money aside from a job.

Even if you come out with $1 ASIDE FROM YOUR JOB, you’re a winner!

You’ve figured out a piece of the puzzle that will eventually come together to create a masterpiece of financial independence.

I started flexing my hustle muscle as a new mom selling things on Craigslist- mainly on the weekends.

We had moved into an older home with tons of junk and selling those items became LIFE FOR US. I was determined to be a stay-at-home mom, so selling stuff was thExtra Incomee lowest hanging fruit for our family at that time.

From there, I graduated on to ”
sales & marketing” consulting- which I felt I had totally made up because I had no idea what I what I was doing. But somehow, I convinced people that I could help them sell & market their business services.

At this point, I noticed most companies I worked with really needed a database to track client interactions and the salespeople’s activities. I read up on databases and naively installed one for a client. His sales almost doubled not long after we put his new system in place!

I told other people about this success and pretty soon, I was making tens of thousands a month in database consulting. I had even hired some people to help me, including a developer in India.

Last year, I left database consulting to preach the “financial independence” gospel and revenues are climbing from my blog and freelance writing as well. By the end of the year, I’ll be making the same amount of money as database consulting.

Why am I telling you this long drawn out history of my entrepreneurial endeavors?

I’m encouraging you to just start something, even when you don’t feel like it will be wildly successful.

Here’s why:

1) You’ll gain confidence in your ability to make independent income.

2) You’ll get experience in entrepreneurship that you can build on to create one or more successful business.

That’s the process that I follow and it has helped me, a stay at home mom, make money time and time again. In fact next month I’ll be at $3k-$4k in revenue- all from home all without a job. (I know I am behind 3 income reports! They will be out soon. I changed accounting systems again.)

So here are some ideas worth exploring this weekend:

  • Starting a blogSign up here for a free blogging tutorial and information on upcoming web hosting flash sales
  • Freelance writing– I’m making between $2k-$4k per month with this side-hustle! Check out the popular eCourse, Earn More Writing, for more information on how to start freelance writing.
  • Social Media assistant- People pay money to have people help their business with social media. Being a Pinterest VA is all the rage these days and even make some people full-time income.
  • Photography- You may think the market is saturated with artsy-hipster people who take pictures but trust me there’s still room. If I had a dollar for every wedding I went to and the photographer didn’t even produce photos, I’d be…well I’d have some money.
  • Yard cleaning- This hustle is not just for teenagers. I knew a GROWN MAN who was low on money and went house to house asking to cut people’s grass. By the end of the month, he had $700 a week in lawn care gigs on the books! Check out GreenPal, the Uber of lawn care to get connected to clients.


Source: Principles of Increase

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