Published On: Thu, Feb 6th, 2014

Please, Do Your Own Taxes for FREE!

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Yep, it’s tax time.

There is no shortage of people in Statue of Liberty costumes on the street corner trying to get your attention.

taxesSimilarly, there is no shortage of “tax folks” in Walmart trying to do the same thing.

Those companies all want you to file your taxes with them. And relatively speaking, charge you big bucks to do it.

I received a flier in the mail today that read, “It’s that time of year…are you ready?? 1040EZ only $75.”

$75 to file a 1040EZ!

Check it. The 1040EZ is the easiest form EVER to file.

If you meet the conditions to file a 1040EZ, it should literately take less than 10 minutes for a representative to file your taxes for you.

They’ll basically copy numbers from your W-2 form and transpose them into an electronic document to come up with your amount of refund or taxes owed:

Why should you pay $75 for this, especially when you can probably do this FOR FREE!!

The IRS endorses free file, where you select a sponsoring program that allows you to do your own taxes for free, from the comfort of your home, if your adjusted gross income is less than $58,000.

Go to this page to see if you meet the conditions to file your taxes free of charge and to use a sponsored software program.

Once you select a program (I personally have used H&R Block for the past seven years), go through the software to see just how easy it is to file your own taxes.

There is no obligation to finish filing your taxes with the program that you choose. If you’re not comfortable at any time, then consider going to see a tax professional.

Save yourself time, by avoiding waiting lines. And save yourself money, by filing your taxes for free!

We need to keep every penny we have.

Again, do your own taxes free. Start at the IRS Free File website.

P.S. Once you finish your taxes using the online software, you may find that your adjusted gross income is over $58,000, in which case filing won’t be free. However, you still should pay no more than $30. If you do find that you are not eligible for free file, make sure you pay the filing fee with a credit/debt card, or a checking account, instead of using a portion of your direct deposited refund. You will get charged an additional fee if you use your direct deposit money to pay your fee.

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  1. Briana says:

    Great info Romeo! I started my taxes in TurboTax and have done it in there the last 3 years, but haven’t officially filed yet because I owe haha. So good timing with this!

  2. Romeo says:

    No problem, Briana. I’m glad it helped.

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