By LaTisha Styles On Monday, February 15th, 2016

VIDEO: Entrepreneur Tip: Idea Validation Means ASK then Create

Entrepreneur Tip: Idea Validation Means ASK then Create http://bit.ly/1O8AkwS : Free video series. How I grew my business. I’m LaTisha! I’m a business strategist for young professionals who want to become full-time More...

emergency fund piggy bank
By LaTisha Styles On Monday, February 15th, 2016

6 Easy Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund

There’s nothing more terrifying than an emergency – especially one that costs you a fortune. Life doesn’t always go exactly as planned. Building an emergency fund is a perfect way to be prepared for whatever More...

financial check up
By LaTisha Styles On Sunday, February 14th, 2016

How to do an Annual Financial Check-up

It’s time for a financial check-up. Doing an annual financial check-up is crucial if you want to improve your financial success. Just like your health, car and other aspects of your life, your finances should More...

By LaTisha Styles On Thursday, February 11th, 2016

7 Ways to Make Extra Money This Weekend

Ever wish you could make extra money during your free time? Turns out, it’s easier than you think! This weekend, look around your house or think about the skills you already have, and start making money right More...

superbowl party
By LaTisha Styles On Friday, February 5th, 2016

How to Throw a Frugal Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is February 7th this year. Will you be visiting friends to watch the big game or will you be hosting? When you host friends and family for a get-together – let alone to celebrate a huge sporting More...

betterment review
By LaTisha Styles On Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

401k Rollover Process with Betterment-Review

Are you a job-hopping millennial? Don’t leave your 401(k) behind! Here’s how to do a 401k rollover into a passive investing account. This is my experience of opening a traditional rollover account with Betterment. My More...

By LaTisha Styles On Monday, January 18th, 2016

5 Simple Ways College Students Save on Groceries

Do you have a monthly grocery budget or do you just go to the grocery store and buy what you want? Be honest, you don’t like waiting in the checkout line behind the extreme couponer. You know the one who has a More...

Balance, millinials, crisis
By LaTisha Styles On Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

How to Navigate Your Quarter-Life Crisis

The time in your early to mid-thirties is a time of immense growth and personal change. You may have graduated from college, moved hundreds if not thousands of miles away from friends and family, and you’re likely More...

heating bill
By LaTisha Styles On Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Tips to Save on Your Heating Bill

The chilly winter season can cause your heating bill to spike and turn your budget upside down for a few months. In areas with more brutal winters, it’s common to want to blast your heat and just deal with high More...

By LaTisha Styles On Friday, November 20th, 2015

Why You Should Skip Black Friday this Year

Yes, I said it. It’s a good idea to sleep in the day after Thanksgiving and skip the most popular sales event of the year. The term ‘Black Friday’ was derived in the mid 1900s by the Philadelphia Police Department More...


Did you know?

African Americans are significantly more likely to have some type of debt (94%) compared with the general population (82%). Credit card debt, student loan debt, and personal loans are all significantly higher in the African American community.

Source: Prudential’s 2013 "African American Financial Experience" study