Published On: Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

7 Free Resources to Help You Earn Money Online

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7 Free ResourcesAre you ready to start supplementing your income but feel like you are strapped for time? If you don’t want to work retail in the evenings or deliver pizza on the weekends, then starting an online venture might be ideal for you. If there’s only one of you (I am assuming you don’t have a clone), it can be the most efficient use of your precious time. If you are cash strapped as well, consider a few free resources that can kick start your journey to earning money online.

This is a course taught by your’s truly. There are 5 modules on how to quick-start your blog or website. This course works if you want to create either a website OR a blog. Check it out and get started today 🙂 Here is where you can get the FREE Resource Guide & Checklist along with course access —-> Start Blogging Now

This free eBook is by the ULTRA successful blogger, Ruth Soukup, who also runs the website and has one of the most popular blogging courses around: Elite Blogging Academy (open only twice a year, so get on the waiting list!)  I am currently enrolled in Elite Blogging Academy myself and am getting some great information on how to run and grow my blog. This eBook is a primer to her course and will help you go for quick-wins on the income generation side.

Have you heard of Travis Peters? He’s the owner of He’s found a way to earn passive income in a number of online pursuits. His last income report was around $23K for the month! He’s so passionate about helping people escape their day-job, that he wants to help people do what he did FOR FREE! Check out this 5 day eCourse to start your journey earning money online.

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Imagine getting 30 days of instruction to make your blog better and more profitable. From creating an editorial calendar to optimizing images for more traffic, this course has TONS of great content that will be helpful in making more money for your blog or website.

Gina Horkey of is not only an accomplished freelance writer, but she teacher other how to break into the lucrative world of freelancing and VA’ing (virtual assisting.) Her most recent income report of $24,490 should give you an idea of her success level in this game. Learn from her, especially since it’s free!

This a course from Udemy on how to use the free tool, Canva for graphic designs. Gone are the days when you have to hire a graphic designer to work in photoshop for hours. Canva is a great DIY solution for anyone needing stunning graphics for online display on a budget.

I started taking this course myself and find it really revolutionary. That’s a strong word, but coming from a sales background I remember the days of cold calling. It was brutal. This course is all about providing value and drawing readers, clients, users, etc. to you in a non-pushy, organic way. I think it’s more natural and connects you with the “fans” that will really matter. Since it’s free, what could you lose?

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