Published On: Fri, May 6th, 2016

4 Things to Remember Before You Compare Yourself to Anyone Else

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They say comparison is the Thief of Joy. It’s true, how can you be happy wondering why she has the house already, gets to travel, has the job, etc. We all do it at one time or another. Social media is a huge playground for comparison. I too have found myself comparing what I have or don’t have to that of others. Comparison in this way is not healthy. People show us, on and off social media, what they want us to see. The only true story that we know is that of our own. Think about it, does anyone know every single thing about you and why you are in the place you are in today? Probably not.

Everyone has a different purpose and path in life. There will be times when she is in the spot you want to be in. There will also be times when you are “on top” and she is wondering how you did it. I account my current position in life to my prayer life and faith. Others may look at me and wonder why I have been to accomplish some things. They may think it is because of a degree or who I know. They don’t know the struggles I went through to get where I am and how I had to learn to depend totally on Jesus. I believe that Jesus equips me and places the right people in my life to help manifest my dreams. You cannot always see that by looking at a picture. You see the picture and not the journey. I have looked at others and wonder why I am working a full time job and barely making ends meet and she don’t work and have all the latest designer items. Where did I go wrong? What class did I miss? Truth is that she could have went through hell to live that lifestyle.If that is how she got what they have, I don’t want it. On the flip side she could be in great place in life and just worked hard for what she has.  We want what others have but do we want to go through what they had to go through to get it?

No two people or two items are the same. I don’t even care if they are manufactured. You will never be like the women you are constantly looking at and wondering why you are not where she is. Even if you both were in the same place in life it would look different.

The best person in life to be is YOU. You cannot be duplicated. No one can beat you being yourself. Believe me that’s a fact. It is okay to look to others for inspiration. The problem is when you start to compare where they are to where you feel you should be. If you are not there yet then it’s not your time. You have a unique!

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Ways to stop comparing yourself to the next person:

Remember that you are on a unique journey

You have a purpose in life and you will feel most at peace when you are walking in it. Be the CEO of you by setting goals and action steps that take you along the journey to living out your purpose and achieving your goals.

Take a Social Media Fast

Social media is fun but can be too much at times. It is good practice to take a social media fast from time to time. This allows you to focus and not unconsciously think and absorb what others are doing. Remember that people show you what they want.

Take care of business

When you are taking care of business you don’t have time to be worried about what the next person is doing.

Work toward your life’s goals

Remember that you were created to be unique and operate in your God given gift. Just because you both sing does not mean that your voices will reach the same audience. Your gift will make room for you.

With Love,

La Shaun


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